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Providing Effective Resources and Networking Opportunities to Medical Practice Managers



6 Seminars per year

6 quality education seminars are presented each year.  NorthMetroMGMA meets on the 2nd Tuesday of alternating months.  The months that meetings are held are the even-numbered month, Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct and Dec.  NorthMetroMGMA presents an educational seminar based on the ACMPE's Body of Knowledge.  This covers all aspects of medical practice management.  


Networking is a powerful tool.  Networking with your peers at all 6 monthly meetings will enrich your medical practice management knowledge greatly!

Website Resources

More and more information is being added to the website continually.  News articles, documents, forms, meeting registration, membership directory, access to our Affiliate members, plus so much more!  Keep watching for something new!

Membership Directory

A Membership Directory is provided on our website for our member's use.  Getting connected with your colleagues has never been easier!

Affiliate Access

An Affiliate page is provided for ease of shopping for the medical practice.  When you are shopping for something for your office, just go to our Affiliate page, locate the vendor that provides the product/service that you are looking for and click to get connected!


Lunch is provided at all 6 meetings during the year.